Combination board, Bulletin boards and White Magnetic Ultima series Aluminium frame

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The combi board is an ideal display board for any place be it office, showroom, home or caf. White marker for written messages and Fabric bulletin surface for paper and other notices using push pins. The smart aluminium frame will enhance the beauty of the area. 

Features: Comes in two sizes: 2ft x 1.5ft, 3ft x 2ft, 4x3ft 

  • Pin up area: made from self-retracting soft core and gorgeous Fabric which makes the surface more durable
  • Writing area: Use dry erase white board marker to write on the surface for all your written messages for the viewer.
  • Package comes with White Marker Board and few push pins as free

IMPORTANT NOTE: Marker shown is indicative, comes with free marker of any brand, a duster and few notice pins